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View: All | 10 - 20 - 30 items per page added July
Dracula book wallet
Code: WL345
Price: $27.99
Red Dracula Book Cross Body Bag
Code: PU427
Price: $39.99
Sally on Jar Figurine Designed by Miss Mindy
Code: FI320
Price: $59.99
Jack Skellington on Pumpkin Figurine by Miss Mindy
Code: FI319
Price: $59.99

Alice Cooper With Snake 3"x3.4" Patch
Code: PA988
Price: $7.99
Alice Cooper Eyes 2.5"x3" Patch
Code: PA987
Price: $7.99
Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid 2.7"x3.7" Patch
Code: PA986
Price: $7.99
Alice Cooper Poison Bottle 2.3"x3.8" Patch
Code: PA985
Price: $7.99

Alice Cooper Theatre of Death 2.3"x3.6" Patch
Code: PA984
Price: $7.99
David Bowie Pink Bolts 3.3"x3.8" Patch
Code: PA983
Price: $7.99
David Bowie Logo 3.5"x2.3" Patch
Code: PA982
Price: $7.99
Ramones Skull 2.3"x3.25" Patch
Code: PA981
Price: $7.99

Blondie Postage 3"x3" Patch
Code: PA980
Price: $7.99
Social Distortion Skelly 3" Round Patch
Code: PA979
Price: $7.99
Motörhead England 2.6"x3.6" Patch
Code: PA978
Price: $7.99
Motörhead Warpig in Red 2.8"x3.5" Patch
Code: PA977
Price: $7.99

Frida Kahlo Thorns Portrait 3.5"x3.7" Patch
Code: PA976
Price: $7.99
Frida Kahlo Plants + Animals 3"x3.7" Patch
Code: PA975
Price: $7.99
Motörhead Metallic Ace of Spades 4.25"x5.2" Sticker
Code: ST230
Price: $5.00
The Ramones 1st Album 4"x4" Sticker
Code: ST229
Price: $5.00

Morrissey B&W Face 4.3"x4.8" Sticker
Code: ST228
Price: $5.00
Alice Cooper w/ Snake 4"x4.25" Sticker
Code: ST227
Price: $5.00
Alice Cooper Circle 5.25"x4.1" Sticker
Code: ST226
Price: $5.00
Frida Kahlo Purple Mosaic 3"x5" Sticker
Code: ST225
Price: $5.00

2021 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Playing Cards
Code: CARD110
Price: $9.99
Hammer House of Horrors Playing Cards
Code: CARD109
Price: $9.99
Hammer Plague of the Zombies 11oz Boxed Mug
Code: MUG112
Price: $17.99
Hammer Dracula Girl 11oz Boxed Mug
Code: MUG111
Price: $17.99

Hammer Dracula Funky Chunky Magnet
Code: MAGNT117
Price: $9.99
Hammer Devil Rides Out Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT116
Price: $8.99
Hammer Dracula Prince of Darkness Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT115
Price: $8.99
Hammer Zombies Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT114
Price: $8.99

Hammer Dracula With Girl Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT113
Price: $8.99
David Bowie - Cigarette Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT112
Price: $8.99
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT111
Price: $8.99
Labyrinth Jareth Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT110
Price: $8.99

Chucky - Good Guy Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT109
Price: $8.99
Star Trek- Group Flat Magnet
Code: MAGNT108
Price: $8.99
David Bowie Aladdin Sane 500pc Puzzle
Code: GAME112
Price: $16.99
A Nightmare On Elm Street 1,000pc Puzzle
Code: GAME111
Price: $19.99

Hammer House of Horror 1,000pc Puzzle
Code: GAME110
Price: $19.99
The Exorcist 500pc Puzzle
Code: GAME109
Price: $16.99
Scream Ghostface Snapback Cap
Code: CAP109
Price: $26.99
Code: DRNK265
Price: $13.99

Code: MUG109
Price: $13.99
Misfits ReAction Figure - Fiend Walk Among Us (Green)
Code: RE222
Price: $21.99
Misfits ReAction Figure - The Fiend (Horror Business)
Code: RE221
Price: $21.99
Mermaid Tiki Mug
Code: TIKI108
Price: $29.99

Cast Iron Clawfoot Claw Foot Candle Holders Pair
Code: CA144
Price: $31.99
The Witch’s Companion Wallet
Code: WL344
Price: $27.99
Talbot Werewolf Tombstone
Code: EXT101
Price: $89.99
Werewolf Statue Bust
Code: EXB101
Price: $79.99

Elvira Macabre Mobile Black Edition Wallet
Code: WL343
Price: $45.99
Elvira Macabre Mobile Black Web Purse
Code: PU426
Price: $76.99
Tree of Life Cast Iron Cauldron with Lid
Code: WC019
Price: $79.99
6” Cast Iron Cauldron with handle
Code: WC018
Price: $20.99

Cast Iron Cauldron with handle
Code: WC017
Price: $18.99
Pentacle Cast Iron Cauldron 3"D
Code: WC016
Price: $18.99
African Style Cast Iron Cauldron with Lid
Code: WC015
Price: $20.99
Aladdin’s Lamp - Solid Brass 8”
Code: WC014
Price: $20.99

Small Cast Iron Cauldron with lid
Code: WC013
Price: $18.99
Charles Addams: The Addams Family Reading Notecard
Code: STA221
Price: $3.95
Charles Addams: Good to be Alive Birthday Card
Code: STA220
Price: $3.95
Charles Addams: Morticia and Uncle Fester 3 x 5" Notepad
Code: STA219
Price: $4.95

Escape from The Evil Garden: An Edward Gorey Board Game
Code: GAME108
Price: $29.95
The Addams Family: A Delightfully Frightful Creepy Board Game
Code: GAME107
Price: $29.95
Creepshow "The Creep" 3.75" Scale Retro Action Figure
Code: TOY283
Price: $26.99
World's Smallest Ouija
Code: GAME106
Price: $12.99

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Pizza Deliveries T-shirt
Code: TS1050
Price: $28.00
Horror of Dracula Hammer Films T-Shirt (White)
Code: TS1049
Price: $28.00
Plague of the Zombies Hammer T-Shirt
Code: TS1048
Price: $28.00
Hammer Dracula - Don’t See It Alone! T-Shirt
Code: TS1047
Price: $28.00

POP Ad Icons: Tapatío- The Tapatío Man
Code: POP631
Price: $14.99
Pop! Icons - John Waters
Code: POP630
Price: $14.99
Glow In The Dark Book Of Spells Crossbody Bag
Code: PU411
Price: $42.99
ALICE, SWEET ALICE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl LP
Code: WAX146
Price: $59.99

The Shining- Toony Terrors The Grady Twins
Code: TOY276
Price: $29.99
Code: RE211
Price: $21.99
Plastic Vintage Style Halloween Yard Signs
Code: DEC149
Price: $29.99
Vintage Style Happy Haunting Halloween Table cover
Code: DEC146
Price: $9.99

POP Disney: Lilo&Stitch- Stitch with Ukelele
Code: POP620
Price: $14.99
POP Disney: Lilo&Stitch- Lilo with Scrump
Code: POP619
Price: $14.99
POP Disney: Pinocchio - Geppetto with Accordion
Code: POP609
Price: $14.99
POP Disney: Pinocchio - Street Jiminy Cricket
Code: POP607
Price: $14.99

POP Rocks: Devo - Satisfaction (Yellow Suit)
Code: POP605
Price: $14.99
POP Keychain: Godzilla Vs Kong- Godzilla
Code: POP601
Price: $7.99
POP Movies: Godzilla Vs Kong- Godzilla
Code: POP600
Price: $14.99
POP Movies: Godzilla Vs Kong- Heat Ray Godzilla
Code: POP599
Price: $14.99

POP Movies: Godzilla Vs Kong- Battle-Ready Kong
Code: POP598
Price: $14.99
POP Movies: Bram Stoker’s Dracula - Young Dracula
Code: POP591
Price: $14.99
POP Marvel: Spider-Man- Miles Morales (Classic Suit)
Code: POP589
Price: $14.99
POP Ad Icons: Cocoa PEBBLES- Barney w/Cereal
Code: POP582
Price: $14.99

POP Ad Icons: Fruity PEBBLES- Fred w/Cereal
Code: POP581
Price: $14.99
The Addams Family: Gomez & Morticia Living Dead Dolls
Code: LLD118
Price: $98.99
POP Rocks: Slipknot- Corey Taylor
Code: POP579
Price: $14.99
Code: SPIN108
Price: $32.99

Pop! Animation: The Simpsons - Scratchy
Code: POP576
Price: $14.99
Pop! Animation: The Simpsons - Itchy
Code: POP575
Price: $14.99
POP Animation: Simpsons- Duffman
Code: POP574
Price: $14.99
Halloween III Witch Spinature
Code: SPIN104
Price: $32.99

Halloween III Jack-o-Lantern Spinature
Code: SPIN102
Price: $32.99
Batman Returns 1/4th Scale Action Figure - Catwoman
Code: TOY269
Price: $179.99
Code: PLUSH110
Price: $19.99
The Dude Abides Big Lebowski Chunky Magnet
Code: MAGNT101
Price: $9.99

Beetlejuice Card Scramble Game
Code: GAME102
Price: $24.99
We are following all government guidelines for the safety of all customers and employees. Face masks must be worn (properly) at all times when inside the store, and all guests are required to sanitize their hands upon entry. We are limiting the the customer capacity inside the stores to accomidate social distancing guidelines, and guests are asked to remain 6 feet away from people that are not a part of their immediate group. Thank you for your cooperation!