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Cut off for NON-California Christmas orders is Tuesday 12/12 at 4:00 PM California time
Cut off for California Christmas orders is Sunday 12/17 at 3:00 PM California time
Shipping will be closed Tuesday, 12/19 through Thursday 12/28
Order processing will†begin again on Friday, 12/29

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View: All | 10 - 20 - 30 items per page Clearance Costumes
Star Wars Deluxe Jedi Robe - CLEARANCE! Was 124.99, now 65.99!
Code: CM391
Price: $65.99
Star Wars Jedi Robe - CLEARANCE! was 64.99, now 34.99!
Code: CM152
Price: $34.99
Star Wars Princess Leia Costume - CLEARANCE Was 69.99, NOW 39.99!
Code: CW161
Price: $39.99
CLEARANCE: Mens Star Wars Han Solo Costume Size XL, was 74.99, now 45.99
Code: CM570
Price: $45.99

CLEARANCE: Star Wars Jedi Knight Women's Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW: 32.99

Code: CW664
Price: $32.99
CLEARANCE: Star Wars Kids Captain Phasma Super Deluxe Costume
WAS: 79.99 NOW: 39.99

Code: CHC383
Price: $39.99
CLEARANCE: Star Wars Kids Fighter Pilot Costume
WAS: 39.99 NOW: 19.99

Code: CHC388
Price: $19.99
CLEARANCE: Star Wars Boba Fett Deluxe Womens Costume
WAS: 94.99 NOW: 47.99

Code: CW558
Price: $47.99

CLEARANCE: Womens Star Wars Sexy Darth Vader Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW: 34.99

Code: CW529
Price: $34.99
CLEARANCE : Star Wars Stormtrooper Mens Costume WAS : $99.99 NOW : $49.99
Code: CM389
Price: $49.99
CLEARANCE: Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber- was $17.99, now $12.99!
Code: CX278
Price: $12.99
CLEARANCE : Star Wars Female Stormtrooper Women's Costume Was: $99.99 Now: $49.99
Code: CW665
Price: $49.99

CLEARANCE : Star Wars: Darth Vader Woman's Deluxe Costume WAS : $94.99 NOW : $49.99
Code: CW557
Price: $49.99
CLEARANCE: Day Of The Dead Zombie Mask - was $74.99 - now $39.99
Code: MA573
Price: $39.99
CLEARANCE:Devilís Rejects Otis deluxe latex mask - was $96.99 - now $49.99
Code: MA168
Price: $49.99
CLEARANCE: Fulci Zombie: Boat Zombie Mask - was $69.99 - now $45.99
Code: MA621
Price: $45.99

CLEARANCE: An American Werewolf In London: David In The Hospital Bed Mask - was $74.99 - now $45.99
Code: MA631
Price: $45.99
CLEARANCE: They Live Alien Hillary Clinton Edition Mask - was $84.99 - now $49.99
Code: MA629
Price: $49.99
CLEARANCE: Kandy Korn Witch Womens Costume
Code: CW177
Price: $42.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Babycake Costume
Code: CW600
Price: $54.99

CLEARANCE: Womens Red Riding Wolf Costume
Code: CW429
Price: $42.99
Code: CW234
Price: $29.99
CLEARANCE:Baby Hot Dog Costume
Code: CHC239
Price: $14.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Day Of The Dead Sexy Skeleton Costume
Code: CW468
Price: $34.99

CLEARANCE: Stegosaurus Dog Costume
Code: PET102
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Ivory Gatsby Girl Costume
Code: CW380
Price: $42.99
CLEARANCE: Charleston Honey Women's Costume
Code: CW525
Price: $32.99
CLEARANCE : Womens Rainbow Flapper Costume
Code: CW549
Price: $24.99

CLEARANCE: Broomstick Babe
Code: CW562
Price: $34.99
CLEARANCE : Pin Up Army Girl Womens Costume
Code: CW444
Price: $64.99
CLEARANCE: Tarot Card Gypsy Womens Costume
Code: CW460
Price: $39.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Friendly Skies Flight Attendant Costume
Code: CW630
Price: $29.99

CLEARANCE: Womens Cozy Snowman Costume
Code: CW650
Price: $32.99
CLEARANCE : Vintage Witch Womens Plus Size Costumes
Code: CWP566
Price: $32.99
CLEARANCE: Firecracker Women's Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CW248
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Ravin Skeleton Womens Costume
Code: CW464
Price: $29.99

CLEARANCE: Ooh La La Saloon Girl - Purple & Black Womens Costume
Code: CW286
Price: $34.99
CLEARANCE: Luscious Leprechaun Women's Costume
Code: CW250
Price: $14.99
CLEARANCE: Disappearing Man Elf Suit
Code: CM571
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Disappearing Santa Adult Costume
Code: CM572
Price: $24.99

CLEARANCE: Colonial Boys Blue Costume
Code: CHC166
Price: $19.99
CLEARANCE: Betsy Ross Girls Costume
Code: CHC158
Price: $17.99
Womens Stars And Stripes Costume
Code: CW418
Price: $27.99
CLEARANCE: Noble Lady Womens Costume
Code: CW456
Price: $59.99

CLEARANCE: Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume
Code: CW706
Price: $44.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Dr. Who Tardis Dress
WAS: $64.99 - NOW: $32.99

Code: CW535
Price: $32.99
Adult Beer Man Costume - was $74.99 - now $45.99
Code: CM508
Price: $45.99
Womens Vampire Queen Costume - was $64.99 - now $34.99
Code: CW658
Price: $34.99

Womens Trojan Warrior Costume - was $64.99 - now $32.99
Code: CW625
Price: $32.99
Womens Alpine Princess Costume - was $54.99 - now $27.99
Code: CW648
Price: $27.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Cozy Villain Costume - was $74.99 - now $37.99
Code: CW651
Price: $37.99
CLEARANCE: Dr.Who: Weeping Angel Mask - was $19.99 - now $11.99
Code: MA588
Price: $11.99

CLEARANCE: Disney Frozen Deluxe Elsa Children's Costume
WAS: 56.99 - NOW:34.99

Code: CHC355
Price: $34.99
CLEARANCE: Kids Sofia Deluxe Costume
WAS: 52.99 NOW: 26.99

Code: CHC428
Price: $26.99
CLEARANCE: Kids Princess And The Frog Tiana Classic Costume
WAS: 39.99 NOW: 19.99

Code: CHC437
Price: $19.99
CLEARANCE: Inside Out: Joy Kids Costume
WAS: 49.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC398
Price: $24.99

CLEARANCE: Inside Out: Disgust Kids Costume
WAS: 45.99 NOW:22.99

Code: CHC396
Price: $22.99
CLEARANCE: Kids Doc Mcstuffins Tutu Deluxe Costume
WAS:59.99 NOW: 29.99

Code: CHC445
Price: $29.99
CLEARANCE: Kids Mulan Costume
WAS: 39.99 NOW:22.99

Code: CHC441
Price: $22.99
CLEARANCE: Kids Brave Merida Classic Costume
WAS: 42.99 NOW: 22.99

Code: CHC440
Price: $22.99

CLEARANCE: Inside Out: Anger Kids Costume
WAS: 49.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC394
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Power Rangers Megaforce Blue Ranger With Muscles
WAS: 49.99 NOW: 29.99

Code: CHC345
Price: $29.99
CLEARANCE: Kids Power Rangers Dino Charge Pink Deluxe Costume
WAS: 54.99 NOW: 27.99

Code: CHC418
Price: $27.99
CLEARANCE: Beerman Adult Costume
WAS: 74.99 NOW: 45.99

Code: CM348
Price: $45.99

CLEARANCE: Cleopatra Girls Costume
WAS: 46.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC187
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Monster High Cleo De Nile Children's Costume
WAS: 42.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC344
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Monster High Abbey Bominable Children's Costume
WAS: 42.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC340
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Batman Classic TV Series The Riddler Adult Costume
WAS: 149.99 NOW: 104.99

Code: CM582
Price: $104.99

CLEARANCE: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Adult Costume
WAS: 74.99 NOW: 37.99

Code: CM622
Price: $37.99
CLEARANCE: Green Lantern Costume T-Shirt
WAS: 29.99 NOW: 14.99

Code: CM537
Price: $14.99
CLEARANCE: Adult 2nd Skin Tuxedo Body Suit
WAS: 59.99 NOW: 29.99

Code: CM544
Price: $29.99
CLEARANCE: Adult 2nd Skin Vampire Body Suit
WAS: 49.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CM666
Price: $24.99

CLEARANCE: Supergirl Sexy Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW: 34.99

Code: CW199
Price: $34.99
CLEARANCE: Womens April O'Neil Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW: 34.99

Code: CW545
Price: $34.99
CLEARANCE: Women's Batgirl Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW:29.99

Code: CW605
Price: $29.99
CLEARANCE: Fifties Girl Kids Costume
WAS: 39.99 NOW: 22.99

Code: CHC112
Price: $22.99

CLEARANCE: Juliet Kids Costume
WAS: 49.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC192
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Equestrienne Costume
WAS: 56.99 NOW: 26.99

Code: CW352
Price: $26.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Despicable Me Female Minion Costume
WAS: 54.99 NOW: 29.99

Code: CW516
Price: $29.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Harley Quinn Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW: 34.99

Code: CW499
Price: $34.99

CLEARANCE: The Hobbit: Legolas Greenleaf Children Costume
WAS: 49.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC361
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Kids Muscle Chest Loki Costume
WAS: 49.99 NOW: 24.99

Code: CHC452
Price: $24.99
CLEARANCE: Womens Ninja Turtles RAPHAEL Sexy Costume
WAS: 69.99 NOW: 34.99

Code: CW536
Price: $34.99
Santa Pet Costume CLEARANCE - was 24.99, now 12.99!
Code: PET128
Price: $12.99

Pet's Christmas Ugly Sweater -CLEARANCE - was 29.99, now 14.99!
Code: PET127
Price: $14.99
Elf Pet Costume CLEARANCE - Was 21.99, now 10.99!
Code: PET126
Price: $10.99
Womens Sassy Elf Costume- CLEARANCE! Was 54.99, now 24.99!
Code: CW537
Price: $24.99
Balthazar King Costume -CLEARANCE! Was 74.99, now 39.99!
Code: CM712
Price: $39.99

Melchior Wiseman costume -CLEARANCE was 74.99 now 39.99
Code: CM713
Price: $39.99