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View: All | 10 - 20 - 30 items per page The Munsters Merchandise
The Munster Koach Village Display Piece
Code: VILL105
Price: $0.00
The Munsters Six Piece Department 56 Halloween Village
Code: TOY248
Price: $359.99
The Munsters Coffin purple Glitter/Family Photo Wallet
Code: WL336
Price: $39.99
Munsters Family Bowler Handbag
Code: PU384
Price: $59.99

Lily Munster Coffin Backpack
Code: PU381
Price: $64.99
The Munsters' Family Portrait Billfold Wallet
Code: WL331
Price: $25.99
Lily Munster Figurine
Code: FI314
Price: $29.99
The Munsters Dragula Patch
Code: PA956
Price: $13.99

Hot Rod Herman Munster Patch
Code: PA955
Price: $13.99
Munsters Koach Patch
Code: PA954
Price: $13.99
The Munsters Forever Patch
Code: PA953
Price: $13.99
The Munsters Bat Logo Patch
Code: PA952
Price: $13.99

Uncle Gilbert Patch
Code: PA951
Price: $13.99
Grandpa Munster Patch
Code: PA950
Price: $13.99
The Munsters Eddie Munster Patch
Code: PA949
Price: $13.99
The Munsters Lily Munster Patch
Code: PA948
Price: $13.99

Herman Munster Patch
Code: PA947
Price: $13.99
The Munsters Enamel Pin
Code: PA945
Price: $14.99
Grandpa Munster Bat Enamel Pin
Code: PA944
Price: $14.99
Drag-u-la Enamel Pin
Code: PA943
Price: $14.99

The Munsters Koach Enamel Pin
Code: PA942
Price: $14.99
Marilyn Munster Enamel Pin
Code: PA941
Price: $17.99
The Munsters Uncle Gilbert Enamel Pin
Code: PA939
Price: $17.99
Grandpa Munster Enamel Pin
Code: PA938
Price: $17.99

Eddie Munster Enamel Pin
Code: PA937
Price: $17.99
Lily Munster Enamel Pin
Code: PA936
Price: $17.99
Herman Munster Enamel Pin
Code: PA935
Price: $17.99
The Munsters Uncle Gilbert Vac-tastic Plastic Mask Wall Decor
CLEARANCE! WAS $57.99, NOW $37.99!

Code: GC4218
Price: $37.99

Eddie Munster Vac-tastic Plastic Mask Wall Decor
Code: GC4217
Price: $57.99
Grandpa Munster Vac-tastic Plastic Mask Wall Decor
Code: GC4219
Price: $57.99
Lily Munster Vac-tastic Plastic Mask Wall Decor
Code: GC4216
Price: $57.99
Herman Munster Vac-tastic Plastic Mask Wall Decor
Code: GC4215
Price: $57.99

Retro Fan #2 Magazine
Code: BK286
Price: $8.95
Lily Munster Framed Pendant Necklace
Code: NE216
Price: $29.99
The Munsters Logo Patch
Code: PA676
Price: $9.99
The Munsters' Family Coach Billfold Wallet
Code: WL304
Price: $25.99

The Munsters Family Patch
Code: PA590
Price: $8.99
Eddie Munster Black and White Special Edition Maquette
Code: GC2974
Price: $759.99
Women's Lilly Munster "Wings" T-Shirt
Code: WTS335
Price: $24.99
Munster Go Home Wallet
Code: WL275
Price: $25.99

The Munsters Nevermore Clock and Spot Special Edition Maquette
Code: GC2504
Price: $1,539.99
Monster Mash: The Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze In America 1957-1972
Code: BK261
Price: $39.95
Lily Munster Chrome Bat Necklace
Code: NE213
Price: $29.99
Lily Munster Pop! Vinyl Figure #197
Code: GC2087
Price: $99.99

The Munsters: Eddie Munster Pop! Vinyl Figure
Code: GC2086
Price: $45.99
Grandpa Munster Pop! Vinyl Figure
Code: GC2085
Price: $29.99
Herman Munster Pop! Vinyl Figure #196
Code: GC2084
Price: $79.99
Lilly Munster Black And White Wallet
Code: WL210
Price: $36.99

The Munsters Family 1313 Onesie
Code: TS729
Price: $24.99
The Munsters House HO Scale Pre Assembled Model Kit
Code: GC1510
Price: $199.99
The Munsters Family 1313 Kids T-Shirt
Code: TS714
Price: $22.99
The Munsters Black And White Family Portrait T-Shirt
Code: TS689
Price: $24.00

Munster Go Home 11x17 German Poster
Code: PT138
Price: $19.99
The Munsters Herman Munster "Man Of The House" T-Shirt
Code: TS492
Price: $24.00
The Munsters "Normal Family" T-Shirt
Code: TS491
Price: $24.00
The Munsters "Lilly Wings" T-Shirt
Code: TS482
Price: $24.00

Lily Munster Gothic Bat Necklace
Code: NE112B
Price: $43.99
We are following all government guidelines for the safety of all customers and employees. Face masks must be worn (properly) at all times when inside the store, and all guests are required to sanitize their hands upon entry. We are limiting the the customer capacity inside the stores to accomidate social distancing guidelines, and guests are asked to remain 6 feet away from people that are not a part of their immediate group. Thank you for your cooperation!